11 Feb 2018

Personal Color Analysis

Personal Color Analysis Since people make value judgments about your appearance in less than 10 seconds, the impact of color is immediate and lasting.  The colors that you wear speak volumes about your appearance without saying a word.  Wearing the right colors can make the difference of making a great impact or not so great impression. Color affects mood, apparent body shape, apparent age, your...
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25 Mar 2016

Professional Image Management

PROFESSIONAL IMAGE MANAGEMENT No matter where you do business around the globe, looking successful is essential.  There are international image standards to abide by in the business world.  A well dressed, groomed, professional and business savvy individual always comes across as being someone of influence.  Your appearance and behavior are silent codes that speak volumes about your credibility.  A professional image conveys the message that...
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10 Jan 2017

What is Personal Image Consulting?

Image Consulting is a branch of the public relations industry that focuses in the areas of communication, image and appearance.  Image Consulting is about providing professional advice to enhance the overall look of an individual or business.  In Personal Image Assessment, an individual’s personality, lifestyle, wardrobe, budget, level of confidence, body image, values, personal and professional goals are assessed. They provide assistance to improve an...
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