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25 Mar 2016

Professional Image Management

Corporate Image Consulting


No matter where you do business around the globe, looking successful is essential.  There are international image standards to abide by in the business world.  A well dressed, groomed, professional and business savvy individual always comes across as being someone of influence.  Your appearance and behavior are silent codes that speak volumes about your credibility.  A professional image conveys the message that you are organized, sharp and intelligent.  How are you and your employee’s visual appearances, verbal and non-verbal communication skills influencing the firm’s bottom line?

Corporate Image

A corporate image should be consistent with the positioning of the company’s goals, mission, product lines, or brands.  Any inconsistency between the overall corporate image, employees’ and the positions of product offerings will be confusing and therefore send mixed messages to potential clients reducing sales revenue and other opportunities.  A good corporate image can be seen as the sum of all the images associated within the firm.

 A well dressed and groomed group will project:

Strong Corporate Culture

  • A well dressed and groomed team will speak volumes without saying a word.  They will appear to be knowledgeable, organized and professional in business deals.  Clients and co-workers will always notice someone who is well put together; after all, if they can take care of their personal business, they will be able to handle others’ business.


  • An employee who is appropriately dressed, groomed and business etiquette savvy will come across much more self-confident and self-assured than someone who is not.  With a sharp appearance, they are able to communicate more effectively through verbal and non-verbal communications.

Improved Performance

  • From the feedback we’ve had from our corporate clients, employees have displayed an overall improvement in performance in the workplace.  Employee’s who are dressed down usually have a dressed down attitude as well.

Higher Salary

  • Articles from the Wall Street Journal to The Economist have stated that a sharp image will also improve the bottom line.  A groomed appearance will lead to hiring, interviews, raises, ongoing promotions, increased peer to peer and client relationships.