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Image Consultant Services, Personal Shopper, Personal Color Analysis, Wardrobe Makeover, DISC, Communication Style and Appearance Management.

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IIC provides in-person or online services, life coaching, motivational speaking, training to improve personal and professional development.

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IIC worldwide Image, Fashion and Business Consulting services are offered at select locations with our main office in Miami, Florida. 

IIC is dedicated to helping men, women and organizations communicate effectively and look successful


Image is all about perception.  People make value judgments in the first 10 seconds they meet you.  You tell the world a great deal about who you are based on your appearance.  When you wear the right clothes, styles, fit, colors and attitude, you feel great and project greater confidence.

Presenting your best self through visual appearance, verbal and non-verbal communications will leave lasting impressions at work, in job interviews, school, social and formal functions, dates and business deals.

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In today’s’ global economy it is important to project a good company image.  Whether you are a startup or have in business a few years, our business consultants assess the overall image of the company in the areas of communication, soft skills to office aesthetics, uniform style and design. Corporate Image Management is an effective way to sustain and strengthen your corporate branding, project an image that is appropriate, consistent and reflects the company’s values.

Custom Training Programs

IIC offers customized private programs for Individuals, Small Groups and Private Businesses