Closet Analysis Wardrobe Audit

Often times, the items in your closet tell a story about your life. Whether you picked up a pair of shoes from Paris, your mom gave you one of her favorite dresses, your boyfriend or ex bought you a beautiful handbag, all of these items carry special memories. Many people have emotional attachments to the items in their closet.  In addition, the items accumulated in your closet add up to a sizable investment.  It’s important to keep items in your closet up to date and relevant to your lifestyle.

Here are a few closet tips to stay up to date and tidy.

1. Items should suit your Fashion Personality
2. Your clothes should compliment your Body Type
3. Choose your best colors with a Color Analysis
4. Combine Classics and Key Seasonal Pieces
5. Mix and Match with Cluster Concepts
6. Use quality Hangers
7. Keep items Clean
8. Organize vlothes according to the occasion
9. Categorize appropriate accessories, belts, shoes and handbags

The clothes that you wear are a reflection of your values, personal and professional goals.